Focusing on underground British subcultures including Northern Soul, Mod, Ska and Skinhead with their pathognomonic aesthetic & rituals, Richard Jon Photography explores the exceptional dynamic between people & their all-consuming passion be it music, scooters or fashion. Of integral importance to his work, Richard Jon narrates the importance of both individual identity & collective sense of camaraderie that underpins these cultural movements. First introduced to the Northern Soul scene by a now good friend, Richard Jon has rapidly established himself as a popular & integral purveyor of images reflecting the Northern Soul scene as it evolves today. In the spirit of his tagline "Capture The Moment", Richard Jon seeks to harness the unsurpassed power & immediacy of the photographic image to record the intense physicality & emotional connection between dancer & music - as both a deeply personal & collective experience. Previous bodies of work include documenting the emergence of The Wigan Young Souls whose attitude, aesthetic & dynamism provide a contemporary insight evocative of the original scene as an underground youth movement. Richard Jon has recorded & exhibited at events extensively across the UK including HMV in Blackpool & a number of independent businesses. A recent interview on BBC Radio Sheffield launched his residency at The Green Room in September 2015 with a retrospective of his work to date. His latest crowd-funded project will see him catalogue the current underground Northern Soul scene in Brazil. Following his subjects from their homes in Sao Paulo, documenting their preparatory rituals & journey to the soul night itself, this body of work will provide a chronology of the international Northern Soul scene. This will be followed by an exhibition showcasing the expedition & documentary images capturing the look and passion of the scene in Brazil today. Soon to follow will be a coffee style book available later in the year.